Constantine Engineering professionals are experienced and have the equipment to perform subsurface utility engineering (SUE) services to obtain buried conductive and non-conductive utility location, verification, data acquisition, and mapping services. Our professionals have provided locating, planning, and mapping assistance to both large and small public and private utilities, as well as architectural and engineering firms.

Our professionals are experienced with the use of ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems, sub-meter global positioning systems (GPS), as well as vacuum and hydro-vacuum excavation methods to safely locate and identify buried utility infrastructure assets. Our approach to locating buried assets is to use GPR to supplement traditional electro-magnetic methods radio frequency pipe and cable locators by detecting non-metallic or non-conductive utilities such as PVC pipe, fiber-optic cables, or other plastics, concrete, terra cotta and more.

SUE services that Constantine Engineering staff can perform include:
  • Utility Planning and Mapping Assistance
  • Utility Locating Services
  • Utility Location Verification Services
  • Utility Data Acquisition and Mapping